Thursday, 27 November 2014

I Miss You Grandma!

"Don't make your mom get angry on you and don't make her shout at you! Don't fight with Tariq(My brother),please learn not to fight with you're brother,after all,He is your brother"

All these were advice's,as we all know,but from someone special,someone who always cares only about me even if she has 8 grandchildren,someone who loves being next to me and spending time with me,someone who loves gossiping with me,someone who never wants any harm alarming me,someone who is more than a friend and a mother,someone who loves teasing and bullying others's along with me!

Sounds like am describing my friend doesn't it! But all these were about my Athamma(as I call my grandma and she is my father's mother)

It's going to be almost a year since she left me all alone.I still remember the day when I got a call from my mom on January 10th around 3 in the afternoon,on the way to my home from college,Mom was sobbing asking me where I was and asking me to come home as soon as possible

And then she just disconnected it,I had no other way than to call dad and ask what was wrong and dad told me that grandma passed away at 1 o'clock that day.I didn't know what to do,I was dumbstruck and silent for few minutes not knowing how to react! I realized that I have lost someone whom I always depended on and always loved!

Mom didn't call me at 1'o clock because she thought I might be in class! But I felt so guilty because on that day exactly when grandma passed away,myself and all of my friends were having fun in the playground and there was  pongal(Festival of South-India)celebration in my college so we were all having sweets!

Allhamdulillah(Thank Allah) for not making me stay near her during her last moments, else I don't think I would have been able to do anything. Grandma was suffering from an heart ailment,so she was not supposed to strain herself much or do any work

But inspite of us saying everything,she used to do all her work,like washing her clothes,brooming the house and all!

The last time I saw her was during November 2013,when doctor had said that she has imporved a lot and she was bullying my aunt and smiling and laughing a lot! So,the last picture of her in my mind was she smiling with all her heart!

I still remember her words which she said when I told her that I had got a job.She said, "w Will be alive when you start earning"
And yeah she was true she left without demanding anything from my first salary!

I used to call and talk to her whenever I felt low and listen to her voice which made me feel good! Everytime when she vists me or when I visit her,she would give me loads of advices of not to fight with my brother and not to make mom angry

She gets very upset everytime when my mom scolds me or my brother,I still remember her sad face wherein she comes and consoles me when I get scolded by mother!

I also still remember how myself and grandma used to watch all movies when I was four years of age,and how she used to help me for pouring the milk in the sink (I hated drinking milk at that time)

I'm sorry grandma for doing some mistakes,hurting you at times!

Allhamdulillah,And it was because of you're duas and Allah's will that we were all able to go to Umrah!

She was always a pillar of support, one good soul apart from my dad,mom and bro to love me sooooo much and a strength and a good friend.She had taught me many things in Islam as well as in real life. She has taught me how to be kind and treat other's well and how patience and prayer is important in life! She was there with me whenever I needed her,But now I need her the most!

I still have her number saved and whenever I call her,The telephone operator says,"Number is temporarily out of service".
The telephone operator should know that the number is in service but my grandma is not reachable!

A grandmother is a child's first and best friend who never get's irritated even if we get irritated on her,who never get's tired of answering our endless stupid doubts,who never gets bored talking to us and is someone to treasure for.All she needs is you're love!
Don't send you're grandparents to oldage homes,Love them for they are the souls which love you,even if you hate them.

And I won’t say, That I’m okay, Cause you taught me not to lie. So know that I’ll miss you everyday.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Do you excel in Talking and Sarcasm?

Okay,This may sound a bit weird,because each and everyone of us talk. We talk because we would want the other person to know what we are communicating!


This is the dictionary definition for talking. But what happens when you LOVE  talking a lot,being more sarcastic and what happens when it's difficult to zip your mouth.

Yes,I'm one of the above mentioned kind,I love talking,so this is like a cycle

You talk fast -> You tend to talk a lot -> You tend to be more sarcastic -> You bully other's a lot !

So I guess this particular cycle is true in my life.I started to realize that I put forth my words and speak them at a speed which gets difficult for people to understand and which asks them to repeat my words.

During my fifth grade,I remember my mom asking me to talk a bit slowly. That was the first incident ever in my life that made me think about my speed. But I hardly cared about it!

Next was when I was in my eight grade and I was asked by my teacher to read out a paragraph in class and I read that out in jet speed and my teacher asked me to repeat it and she teased me and everybody including me started to laugh.

That incident marked a benchmark to my speeedy-speaking skills and yes,even after that,I didn't care about it nor I care about it now.I'm not sure whether it's because of speed-talking,it's difficult to shut my mouth or if something's fishy with my vocal chords !

I love talking,I talk a lot mostly when I'm sooper happy or sooper upset! For me,only talking to others will solve your problems,multiply your happiness and talking has become a important part of my life

From my Kindergarden till my College ,I've been complained by all my teachers that it's difficult to control me in class,difficult to have me sit in a place,and difficult to zip my mouth!

Even now,I've been noted and teased by my friends for being very naughty and for talking a lot.There is a proof of my Kindergardern report card if you won't believe,which says "Should control her talking-abilities,which are actually more than expected"

So here are some facts which would relate to All Chatter-Boxes out there

I've taken some from Sources like StoryPik and ComedyFlavours(Thanks for writing a post which relates exactly to me)

1) You're nicknamed with acronyms like speaker,generator and ninjaturtles


 2) You love sharing news with your friends the moment you hear it

30 Rock

3)  You're known to be a 'RUBBER-MOUTH' all around!


4) You can make conversation with almost anyone


5) Teachers tired of asking you not to talk in class


6) You can give multitude of answers to whatever question posed at you

excited baby

7) All things unnecessary is your thing

Monty Python

8) Eating takes you longer than others


9) The angrier you are,the more the flow


10) You often end up spoiling TV shows and movies for people because of your talking


11) You end up debating and fighting with random people and strangers who criticize something you like

12) You end up being very sarcastic

13) You become crazy at one point of time
angry dance

14) At one point of time,You're friend's are like 'SHUT-UP'

15)But they always need you when they have a problem


16) There is no sadness-thunder striking when you're around!

Winnie the Pooh

Friday, 14 November 2014

How can I forget the Energetic Elements(Jonghyun and Key)! SHINee Fighting!

Okay,I apologize to myself as well as the SHINee fans for not including Jonghyun and Key,doesn't mean that I forgot, It's just that they have been assigned a new page :P


  • Has been said that the first line of "Love like oxygen" sounds like Michael Jackson's style. "It does sound like it a bit.", he admits it himself, but Usher is still irreplaceable, definitely!                                                                                            
  • "Bling Bling Jonghyun", does it sound weird? He uses it all the time, be it during messaging or talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If you find it difficult to call that, "Hey Bling" can be used, thats what the members call him.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.                                                                                                                   
  •  There is no shortcut to achieving perfection, just hard work and more hard work, if he is unable to take it, he will hide in the toilet for a cry, and then continue to work even harder during practice.                                                                                                                                          
  •  Has a lot of charisma on stage, but is very endearing and fun to be with off stage, before debut, he chats with Taemin everyday when returning home, is the member who is the most unanimous with his relaxation and lifestyle.                                                                                                      
  • "If I meet an alien, I will definitely be scared at first, but after awhile when I get to know it, I will consider how to send it back home."                                                                                               
  • Regardless of anything, no matter how many times he had performed on stage, whenever he hears his own song he will still get exceptionally excited, will lipsynch along, dance along, fidget around in his seat, even when he chokes on water he will still remain engrossed.                                                                                                                                                  
  •  A very lively student in high school, able to digest English and Korean songs very well. Formed a band, composed music during that time, believes that if you truly like something, it is not difficult to persevere on.                                                                                                                      
  •  Understands the importance of heath, so does not eat stuff like instant noodles even when he is very hungry. To practise on an empty stomach is definitely tough, but in comparison, won't it feel really good to finally eat a full meal during breakfast? -- After tolerating for so long, it's finally time to enjoy.                                                                                                                                         
  •  Is not scared of the camera at all, a 180 degree display or 360 degree all show? Just state it.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • . Feels that he is a good hyung, and a good dongsaeng to the members, if not for the fact that they always interrupt him which makes him flares up at them shouting "Keep quiet!" at times, his image is pretty perfect.                                                                                                                           
  •  Makes total and absolute preparation for everything, will even stay up overnight without sleep to prepare. If his progress does not meet his own expectations, he will feel restless and a little short tempered.                                                                                                                                       
  •  Why cover up if you make a mistake, just admit it truthfully won't it be good?                             
  •  Taemin is very good, but too young. If he were to become a girl, it will be better to let Key be his boyfriend, setting aside the good personality, Key is very honest, which fits his view in life, refer to point 14.                                                                                                                                    
  •  Has a lot of notices, will show off to his members after returning to the dorm. Will also miss his members whom he don't know what they are doing while he is at certain shows/programs, if there is a chance, he will like to bring all his members along.                                                              
  • The only secret to maintaining a good complexion despite a very hectic schedule is to simply maintain a positive mindset.                                                                                                                   
  •  Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano .                                                                                          
  • Wakes up the earliest in the dorm, will wake up Key after he is done with washing up, Key will then wake Onew up, then Taemin and lastly, Minho -- "I am the one who wakes up the earliest! I am most confident about it!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • "How do I wash the rice? Why doesn't Key umma know?! ...So you have to wash it like this, Taemin? Wow!"                                                                                                                                       
  • Jonghyun has more than 50,000 songs in his mp3                                                                                         
  • Jonghyun is such a fan of Kang Tae Jun in TTBY that he once changed the channel in the TV to TTBY so that everyone else could watch it.                                                                                         
  • When Jonghyun is asked the advantages compared to the other members, he said the surplus was "younger than Onew"                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Jonghyun’s favorite SuJu member is Heechul because they have the same blood type.                           
  •  Jonghyun has a small scar above his left eyelid. During their Amigo promotions, he fell in the bathroom.                                                                                                                                                
  • If Jonghyun could have one characteristic of the other SHINee members, it would be Taemin’s small feet.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Jonghyun thinks that short hair suits Minho the best.                                                                             
  • Jonghyun doesn’t know how to ride a bike.                                                                                          
  • According to Onew, when Jonghyun cries, he would cry the whole day.                                              
  • Likes to pin Key down on the ground and tickle him until his face turns purple.                                  
  • Admitted that he had stuffed some peanut butter into Onew’s coffee, causing Onew to turn slightly green and rush to the bathroom to get rid of the horrible contents in his mouth                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Believes that Donald Duck is another species of Onew. 


Key doesn't only think he shines the most among all SHINee members, he also thinks he's the prettiest
o Key’s the only one that carries a mirror around. Before going onto a show, he has to check himself in the mirror

o Key writes what he does every day and any mistakes that he did in his diary
o Apparently, Key watches TTBY with the volume down, because it’s hard to watch Minho and Sulli act together.
o Back in 2nd grade, Key hid the spoon and chopsticks of the girl he liked, hoping that she would end up eating with him. She ended up eating with her hands, leaving him disappointed. 

o Apparently, Key’s ”ideal girl” is the girl that chews gum in ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’

o Will go to the CD shop and ask, "Where are the SHINee CDs? Are they selling well?" Cares about his welfare in outlook in life.
o "Right from when we are trainees till now, the one who sings really well, dances superbly, gets angry only when it is an occasion to be angry about, makes people feel that "this guy is really amazing!", that person is Key." (JONGHYUN)
o Has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories, he yearns for them but he is also scared of them, he likes them but he also dislikes them. He lost his composure/image in the cinema many times because of that, he is only able to rent horror movies/dramas to watch at home to continue scaring himself.

o In terms of dressing up as girls, Taemin is the most suitable, but the prettiest is still the one who is looking into the mirror (ie. Key), if he really wants to do it, even a true woman will not be able to match up to him. (Proudly)
o Is confident that he can be a gourmet chef, nobody can escape his dumplings trap.
o "To be an idol, it's not enough to just put in effort in the front appearance, your back appearance is important too."
o Good at saying honeyed words, but hearing lines like "Are you hurt? I am hurting too." makes him burst out in laughter.
o "If I were to become Yunhanam's director, the viewing rates ought to be able to rise." (smug)
o His personal talent is imitating a robotic character from a cartoon show, the classic line being "Woah! Money! With money anything can be done!!"
o Good at preparing, good at analyzing, belongs to the kind who is able to work out a plan from scratch with just a single detail.
o "You cannot avoid me, you must look at me in the eyes."
o It's his nature to take care of people? At first he was just Taemin's umma, after that his nagging extends to include all of the members, and now it is becoming that he nags at whoever he sees.
o Still nagging. Because he has been too naggy, Taemin really wants to change his umma now...
o Become a girl? Then he would date all the other members once and see how it is. Does not know how it is like when they are in front of a girl, he is really curious about it.
o "The person who is able to meet an ET who has come to earth and not feel scared but instead in able to converse naturally with it is Key...Even if he is left on an abadoned island, he will still be able to find a way to survive." (JONGHYUN)
o As long as he is being sincerely asked to do something, he will do it no matter how unwilling he is, even if he does not like to do it.
o Sentimental and sensitive, even if it just a piece of paper from someone who he cares about, he will take really good care of it.
o The group's No.1 in fashion. Red, white, blue, it is normal for him to carry off these colours which are easy to carry off, but for colours like pink and grass green which are more difficult to pull off, he is still able to do it.
o "I hope that this album can receive a lot of love from everyone, and, if only our friends all know SHINee's songs, they only know 'Noona is so pretty' ..."

According to Jonghyun and Minho, Key and Onew aren’t in a close enough relationship to talk about each other’s bad points.  

Last,But not the least

 SHINee’s good points and bad points 

Good points
Onew to Taemin:  He’s beautiful. 

Taemin to Jonghyun:  He’s very witty. He says things that are really funny. 

Jonghyun to Minho:  He’s serious in every situation. 

Minho to Key: He has a sense in whatever he’s doing. 

Key to Onew:  Onew hasn’t changed. He’s a very warm person. 

Bad points
Minho to Jonghyun:  Sometimes he can be harsh with words. (Jonghyun agrees.)

Jonghyun to Taemin:  Once in a while they fight to the point of Jonghyun wanting to say, “Don’t talk to me anymore”.

Taemin to Onew:  Sometimes he’s not funny. Other members: Sometimes? Taemin: There are times when he is funny, there are times when he’s not.

Onew to Key:  (Ain’t close enough to tell each other their bad points.) 

Key to Minho: He’s very mature. Not the real mature. The fake one. 

The era that each member felt most cool in:  
Onew:  Lucifer
Jonghyun:  Ring Ding Dong
Key:  A.Mi.Go
Minho:  Juliette
Taemin:  Lucifer but changes his pick to Replay

o According to Jonghyun, if Taemin was a detective, he’d probably arrest an innocent person.

o Who can tell what personality a person has with just looking at them across the room (especially with females)? SHINee says it’s Jonghyun and Minho.  

o SHINee thinks that Minho’s ‘bottle’ picture in the album is “too cute”. However, Minho didn’t know that the picture would turn out that way.  

o Lately, men have been shocked to see Taemin in the restroom, thinking that he’s a girl. His new look has been causing a lot of misunderstanding.  

Thanks to these people for helping me write this article
Internet ,fanpop and ShawolMinho Blog!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I'm 'SHINee'-ing!

Okay this post is entirely dedicated to SHINee!

Now,please note  the following points and decide whether or not you want to read this posts

1.Guys who know about SHINee but don't know some secrets about them,for you it's a must-read

2.Guys who don't know about SHINee, but would like to know,well and good you can continue reading

3.This category is pretty dangerous,Guys who don't know who SHINee are and who don't care about them or their secrets,Please stop reading,come back tomorrow,there is a mystery post awaiting!

So in this post,I just wanted to list few things which I have been obsessed with or addicted to or whatever you would fill the gap with!

As I have already mentioned K-Drama and K-Pop are some among the list which has made me addict these days and worth being an addict,I would say. At the end of day,You will definitely check fares to fly to Korea.

So,as said  I will keep my word of writing blog posts about K-Pop ,K-Drama and Korea as well! Now,first I'll definitely have to show my love for SHINee,or else I would get criminalized for stalking them more than any other common human being !

Okay,this word is really common in the K-Addicted-World and people who are part of it! Shinee is a K-POP team from Korea,they are five numbers in total,very young,highly energetic team!

So,I'll list some funny and interesting facts about each of the SHINee members

Starting of with the most kind-hearted,soft,loving,never-get angry soul of the group

LEE JING KI (also called as ONEW)

He is the TOFU(both lookwise and soulwise) of the band,such a sweet and fun-loving soul,he never get's angry on any of his team members nor gets frustrated when someone teases him

Onew entered middle school and suddenly realized that he wanted to sing.He heard from others that he sang pretty well and so he applied for SM academy,where he got casted.

Onew admits that he has a bad stamina and MinHo agrees

The Onew condition had actually originated from Key.When Onew met KEY,he learnt how to be quiet and caring and he happily blames Key for the reason.

  • Onew finds spaghetti more interesting than Key.
  • His hobby is sleeping.
  • He would really hate it if he is disturbed when reading a book.
  • Onew usually smiles a lot, so Taemin said that he looks strange when he is serious.
  • He believes that you can change peoples lives by saying just one word.
  • He always carries a Rubix cube wherever he goes and plays with it whenever he’s bored.

    • Onew often buys food from the food store when he was still a kid.
    • He has two MP3 Players, since he wants to be prepared if ever one of it runs out of battery.
    • He often brings meat from his parents’ meatshop and shares it with his classmates.
    • He really likes having long time toothbrushes.
    • For Onew, Minho looks like a character in a manga.
    • According to Taemin, Onew plays the role of the eldest brother in SHINee. (Well, isn’t he the oldest in SHINee? haha)
    • Onew chose CHICKEN over YOOGEUN(the kid who acted with them,with whom he really bonded well) because chicken has already benn with him for 20 years. (LOL)

    • He wants to earn money to buy a ship and enjoy his life. :)
    • According to Onew, Jonhyun is like a harp, Key is like his name, Minho is like a book, and Taemin is like a drum.
    • Onew wants to learn to draw good.
    • He doesn’t care a lot about dating or marriage.
    • He might look soft and quiet, but his ambition is actually to be someone who is very humurous
    • During SHINee’s promotions for Ring Ding Dong, Jonghyun, Onew, and Taemin were diagnosed with Swine Flu.
    • Onew ranked second on his entire school, but for him it’s nothing to be proud of.
    • According to him, he is not that special. (But for us, you are. :D)

    • Whenever, Yoogeun says that he misses Onew-appa, his mother would not believe him 
    • When Yoogeun’s mother asked again, he would reply, “I miss Onew-appa.”
    • Jonghyun was delighted to hear that he is younger than Onew because he first thought that Onew was younger than him. He even talked to him informally before he knew that Onew was actually his ‘Hyung’.
    • Onew would like to work on a farm to see how long would he last working there.
    • He thinks that spending money over Taemin is a waste.
    • If you want to be friends with Onew, you have to be friends with him since Junior High.
    • Onew wants to be a scientist. 

    • If Onew had a girlfriend, he would sing and play piano for her.
    • Onew does not like it when other people call him by his real name.
    • Onew’s ideal type needs to have her own character, has good personality and good behavior, and, of course, knows how to cook.
    • In SHINee’s debut performance, Onew forgot the lyrics but then he thought of his parents and remembered it.
    • If Onew is a girl, he would choose Key as his lover because Key is unique, has a strong personality, and is very interesting.
    • When Onew leads a discussion, he is sure that he is confident but one time he panicked and shouted, “Umma!”.

    • The members of SHINee are either an only child or the last child. Onew is an only child.
    • Onew has the expertise to freeze the atmosphere with whatever he says. People say that he is very funny while doing it.
    • Onew has a big cellphone strap, a black and white striped tiger-shaped doll.
    • Onew bought a car for his father with his first-earned money.
    • Then, his uncle called and said that he was a good kid.
    • Onew then explained, “This vehicle 2700cc. My father did not have a car for 10 years, so I presented him a car. “

    • Onew said that during exercise, to lose weight, he woke up at 5 am and swim for an hour.
    • Also, to lose weight, Onew walked to school which takes approximately 1 hour each day.
    • When he gets home, Onew skips as much as 4000 times to lose weight!
    •  When asked “What are the advantages possessed by a leader?” Onew said, “We are all handsome.”
    • Onew is CHICKEN MANIAC, who does not know?When Onew was dignosed with Swine Flu, he immediately became famous though it wasn’t planned.
    • Onew fell down from the stairs in SHINee’s dorm and broke his teeth. Thus, delaying SHINee’s promotions for Juliette.

    • During award shows, other SHINee members would always ask Onew-hyung to accompany them whenever they fell like going to the restroom.
    • Onew wrote the lyrics to ‘Your Name’ in SHINee’s second full-length album, “Lucifer”.
    • During the Hello Baby, Onew was advised by a karaoke machine, “You have to practice more before you become a singer.” (LOL)
    • When Onew says something boring and make the atmosphere so bizarre, Key will take over and turn the atmosphere on.*Nyahahaha*
    • Once in a fan signing event, Onew got confused that he forgot how to sign his name. (LOL)
    • Onew’s motto in life: “I want to have, as much as possible, to have all kinds of experiences, because each experience will give birth to something new.”
    • Onew likes to read books of different genres.

    • When SHINee goes overseas, Onew always carries medicines for himself and for other SHINee members because they often feel sick when riding a plane.
    • Onew says that Jonghyun is the kindest member in SHINee, because he secretly thinks and takes care of others well.
    • If Onew is in pain during recording/filming, he would try his best to smile until the recording/filming is finished.
    • SHINee donated $ 10,000 to an orphanage in Cambodia.
    • Onew said that he is not the type of guy who likes to approach a girl first.
    • If something is posted about SHINee in the internet, Onew usually doesn’t care about them.
    • He would suddenly make everyone in he car laughing just by shouting “BATS!”, then he would mimic it.
    • According Onew, a good person is a person who is very thoughtful of others.
    • Onew and Jonghyun voted for one another as the best member of SHINee.
    • Onew would try his best to turn the atmosphere on backstage.
    • Although food is expensive, Onew always spends money on it.

    • Onew loves imitating Donald Duck.
    • Onew really like to eat snacks.
    •  ”Among all the SHINee members, the closest to perfect is…me!”, said Onew.
    • Onew is scared of holding or touching babies because when he was little, he dropped a puppy and it died. He was afraid that it would happen again.
    • According to SHINee, Onew always gets a hotel room for himself while the others share rooms.
    • Onew is called “DUBU” by his fans because he loves to eat ‘dubu’. ‘Dubu’ is Korean for tofu.
    • Onew would cover himself with a blanket when sleeping and wake up covered in sweat.


    • Minho wants Onew's innocent smile,Jonghyun's skills at singing,Key's stage manner,Taemin's cuteness and dance
    • He  is sporty, so we may not have seen a SHINee Minho if he had pursued his  first dream of being a soccer player. You will see  his frustrated face whenever he loses at Dream Team and his signature  move  whenever he wins.
    •  In March of 2010, Minho was injured when filming for Dream Team Season 2.  So he had to take sick leave while  SHINee Taemin replaced him on the show.  When he recovered, Minho continued his activities and promotions of  SHINee’s second full album, Lucifer

    • Tallest of SHINee, 181cm from debut, but he could have grown over the past two years.
    • Minho is the “flower boy” sporting the flaming charismatic eyes that makes he’s co-members jealous “He is a living existence of selfishness”- Key 
    • This boy loves kids and is very popular to  elementary students. Minho doesn’t only attract noonas and kids but as well as hyungs. He has a certified “hyung collector/magnet“, hangs out  with SUJU, DBSK and even staff hyungs. This makes him once rumoured as DBSK  Changmin’s Girlfriend (LOL).
    • Minho would feel empty if the members are not with him. He even misses them.

    • Despite, his busy schedule he find time to go to Konkuk University where he’s majoring in Film
    • Even when playing video games, he’ll get frustrated if he loses. He once even blamed Taeminnie who was next to him when he lost. 
    • And when he does win, he has a signiture move where he’ll place his pointer on his lips then point it to the sky.
    • When asked to show his talent, he may do a wink or not blink in 3 minutes. He’s not easily discouraged and continue to  prove himself. He once said that his motto is to never give  up no matter what he encounters.
    • Very Difficult to wake him up,aka King Of Sleep

    • Called as the Frog-Prince,because of his frog-like eyes
    • MinHo laughs loudest from all SHINee members, and Taemin is the quietest
    • “When I first saw him, I thought “Ah! So handsome! Especially the eyes!” (JONGHYUN)
    • On Minho’s 20th birthday (19 int.), he got in a plane the day before his birthday.  When he arrived in Korea, his birthday had already passed because of the time difference… he basically missed his own birthday.
    • When Minho was young, he thought that strawberries were poisonous insects and would scream when he saw one