Friday, 4 July 2014

What exactly happened to MH370?

Most of us are familiar with the MH370 incident.

We all know that the aircraft got vanished with 200+ passengers and crew on board,but do we know what were the insights ,the theories and the mystery behind it!!

Let's try to unravel some!

To begin from the scratch, MH370 was a Malaysian airlines scheduled passenger flight from kuala lumpur to beijing.It lost control with the air traffic on March 8 2014 at 1:20 p.m,less than a hour after take off.

At 07:24 p.m,Malaysian Airlines confirmed the missing of the flight.The aircraft was a boeing 777  carrying 12 malaysian airlines crew and 227 passengers from 14 nations.

It is said that the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet and the last message which was recorded from the pilot was "Goodnight malaysian three seven zero" and after that there was no contact!

The aircraft's last known position was the Gulf of Thailand ,were the aircraft turned westwards(which was not the intended route) into the Strait of Malacca and the signal was lost then!

The crew was supposed to contact the Vietnamese aircraft when entering into the airspace,but there was no contact,Knowing this,the captain of another aircraft tried to contact the MH370 crew.He said,"I was able to establish contact but there was just mumbling and they remained static".

At 2:27 p.m,the aircraft sent a message to the ground satellite,but the response to the message was unanswered!

Within a few days, the search was extended to the Strait of Malacca and Andaman sea. On 15 March, based on military radar data and radio "pings" between the aircraft and an Inmarsat satellite, investigators concluded that the aircraft had diverted from its intended course and headed west across the Malay Peninsula.

The below picture shows the search areas 

The search has been extended to the Indian Ocean and till date there is no evidence of a debris or any other part of the aircraft.

There are still many unanswered questions as to 
Why the communication system was disabled?
Why the aircraft executed a U-turn before it disappeared?
These questions have deepened the mystery

During the search operation in the Indian Ocean, a debris was spotted and it was believed to be of the MH370's.But upon investigation it was found that it didn't belong to the malasyian missing aircraft.

After some days, a hyderabadi techie has found a satellite image of an aircraft flying too low above the forests of andaman islands and believed that to be of the MH370.He said," The air strip is exclusively used by defence forces with no civilian aircraft granted permission to enter into the area". He also added that a close look at the image will help us identify that the aircraft was flying exstremely low,that the clouds were visible and also that the standard scale and colour measurement of the missing aircraft matched the plane in the image

Tomnod,a crowd sourcing platform was used by millions of people to find the missing MH370 aircraft.

Several unofficial disappearance theories were also used,some of them which gave actual meaning but some were totally illogical!

HIJACKING was one of the theories everyone believed was true including me and everyone were hoping the return of their loved ones,but as days went by and since there were no demand posed,this theory was eliminated.

BLACK HOLE AND METEOR STRIKE  was also one of the theories.Logically,if there was a black hole our entire universe would have been sucked,so this was another illogical theory.

ALIEN ATTACK was another theory some say it's logical and some it's not.For me,it is illogical

BERMUDA TRIANGLE,a video on youtube which went viral supporting the fact that MH370 was abducted by the bermuda triangle.But then it was proved that the video was a hoax.

Apart from all these theories,search operation still continues and all the relatives and family of the missing aircraft still hope for a positive vibe 

Let's all pray for the lives of the people in MH370 and hope for the best!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

So that's the 5th bye-bye:(...

Mixed feelings and mixed emotions!!!

yeah so as my title says time to bid adieu to my meanest friend in the world who's heading to pune for her career!!

arghh!!! Now that's five added to the list!

So we were all the meanest and craziest friends in college,not knowing each other well in the beginning and then did the freakiest thing possible when we we got to know each other better!

To be frank I have never seen a whole class of girls to be in the same group,sharing stuff with everyone in the same way and not prioritizing anyone as "she is my best friend"!

When we bunk,we bunk together,even if one person is not okay with bunking we would do the craziest shit to make her bunk!

When there is a chaos happening in the playground or in the classroom block it would be because of us!

'Petta Rowdy Ponnus' is what we call us!

We don't care about the people around us nor the teacher's who take class for us!

If we had some plan in our mind we would execute it no matter what!

Still remember calling nandy's(my monster friend) phone during ethics class!

Still remember how we used to make her get caught during the same class!

Still remember how me and musiq(my enemy friend) fought for silly things and yet we were successful in making our baby pencil(musiq do you have him or did you give him for adoption?)

Still remember how me and ned(my sarcastic friend) used to do fraudulence during our lab sessions

Still remember how me and meow(my killer friend) used to tease sanzooo(my fighting friend) with her disinterest towards jewellery especially hip jewels(ottiyanam :D)

Still remember how I torchured butti(my benchmate friend) by not only spoiling her but also her note books

Still remember how i used to tease swappy(my meano friend) by being mean to her as much as possible

Still remember how me and pony(the only person who was sweet to me) used to execute plans and freak others out(pony the knot-plan was the one you flopped by smiling and letting them know that you have done something crazy:O)

Still remember how we used to fight for lunch with priya(my food friend)

Still remember how runa used to sleep in class and ask a million doubts about the most basic stuff happening(I remember you asking a doubt whether you were alive or not :D)

Still remember how uma(my chubby-roller friend) tranformed from a child(who had no knowledge) to an expert in the same!

Still remember how I used to tease prema's japan and spandy's love for prema

Still remember how we used to make fun of sangee(my friend filled with unimaginable doubts)

Still remember how I used to make fun of ramya's amazon,saranya's tc, priya's scary ,preethi ,nivetha and twins love for the same guy!!

I don't know how is uma,saranya and swappy gonna manage without knowing marathi and I also don't know how butti is managing without home food!

I would definitely say you girls were the most craziest and psychologically affected gang of monsters!
I won't say I miss you girls but I would definitely miss the food you bring!

Love you!

P.S: I meant love your food!!!:P

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I know that it's too late to say a hi!,especially after two blog posts!

yeah,so this is me,not knowing how to put things in order and not organizing stuff well...

There's nothing much to tell about myself nor am a celebrity to give you a brief intro of myself

Basically ,like any other normal engineering graduate,I am done with my engineering and am waiting for my joining date at cognizant.

So i was sooper bored with the normal whatsapping and watching the korean series timetable and i thought why not start a blog!

Even if people don't look at my posts, i will be able to see all my blog say after some 10 years,and i would realize how jobless i was!

At present missing my college life a lot and my crazy friends,half of them are not in chennai now and the other half i don't know if they are alive or dead!

I hope I see them at least on our graduation day!

So other than blogging I am at present preparing for my management entrance exams.

So,yeah,that's all about me.

Stay tuned to get more stupid,senseless and illogical blog posts!

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Top 5 Undiscoverable foods of the Middle East


Food is what makes man go crazy. Being a foodie, I would love to write about food!
Especially the foods from the Middle East which are uncommon to us!

Let's get foodie-crazy!!

1.The first one I would love to add to my list is TAAMIYA

Originated from the Egyptian soil, this food is widely used in the middle east. This is one of the most famous street foods in Arabia.History tells us that this was used as a substitute for meat balls during Ramadan.

Israel claims taamiya as it's national food, while Palestine says that it was stolen from them. Now that's a 'FOOD-WAR' happening!!

These are fried balls or patties made from ground chick peas (garbanzo beans) or made from fava beans, mixed with spices. Their shapes also vary. It might be served in pockets of flat breads like pita bread pockets. Falafel balls can be served on salads, eaten alone as a snack too. They are fritters and also called as ‘hot dogs of middle east’.


2. The second one which goes in my list is KABSA

This food will be a favourite for all rice lovers!!!

Known to be originated from Saudi Arabia, this food is made from a mixture of spices, rice, meat and vegetables. The spices, rice and meat may be augmented by almond, pine nuts and onions. Home-made tomato sauce called daqqus can be used for garnishing.

Personally, this is one of the best dishes to try for at home!

kabsa recipe link:

daqqus recipe link:

3.The third one which melts our mouth and one of the famous dessert of the middle east is murtabak

This traditional food has two versions, a sweet one and a savoury one. However it's the sweet version am going to concentrate upon!

Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or a pan-fried bread found in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The stuff consists of banana, sugar, sweet cheese or cream flattened to a dough and deep fried in a large pan.
This food is at its best when topped with honey and almonds

 Murtabak Recipe:

4.Fourth one to take my list is AL-BAIK'S BROASTER CHICKEN

Whoever is a chicken fanatic, would die for chicken will love this food.

AL-Baik is a chain of restaurants in Saudi Arabia, whose famous dish is the broaster chicken which is so far the best in the world.

Many of them have a misunderstanding that broaster chicken and the KFC chicken are the same, But that's not it.

The chickens are served with garlic sauce and a normal tomato sauce, rench fries and a burger bun.
(Trust me the chicken goes well with the garlic sauce and bun)

Their recipe is considered to be secret, yet some of the recipe's are most matched with theirs. So here is one!

  AL-Baik Broaster Chicken Recipe:

5.Last but NEVER THE LEAST! It's the Lebanese Donuts(AWAMAT)!]

As the name says, this dessert is believed to be originated from ebanon.They are a mouth-watery platter of cinnamon infused donut holes.

A very easy to cook dish at home with simple ingredients.

Best served with honey or skimmed milk topping!

 Awamat Recipe  :

I hope you enjoy trying these undiscoverable mouth-watering platters of the Middle East!